The Power of the Imagination: Awakening to a Mission

As children our capacity to imagine is limitless. As we get older and more cautious and sceptical that capacity tends to dissipate. Experiences in our lives sever the safety of the previous pattern of thinking. Sometimes these cues from the brain are extremely valuable. We touch a hot stove with our hand and it burns, […]

A Life Changing Opportunity to Create Global Impact

What if we all had the same opportunities we just aren’t all present to the miracles? This is an idea I drew from listening to Kusudi Muithi‘ masterclass the other week. Here’s my version of opportunities turning into miracles. As you read this I invite you to listen for what opportunities might be in front […]

Imagine Politics Was Not About Winning or Losing

Imagine politics wasn’t about winning or losing. I don’t mean that no one wins, and no one loses. Rather, imagine if winning and not losing wasn’t central to the game of politics. What does it look like when winning and not losing is the focus of politics? There is nothing wrong with this; it simply […]