A Life Changing Opportunity to Create Global Impact

What if we all had the same opportunities we just aren’t all present to the miracles?

This is an idea I drew from listening to Kusudi Muithi‘ masterclass the other week.

Here’s my version of opportunities turning into miracles. As you read this I invite you to listen for what opportunities might be in front of you right now that if you acted upon them would suddenly look and become a pathway to creating miracles for yourself, others and the world.

In August I first met Julia Mikk at Alok Appadurai‘s event at Transcendence.

I had no idea she would be there. I had come across her before the event through Garrison Cohen‘s magical capturing of Julia’s essence through video.

Her words spoke to me deeply and I recall bookmarking her website with an intention to connect with her in the future.

That future arrived the moment I got to Transcendence. I learned from my friend Kelly Edmonds that she was going to be helping facilitate an event at Transcendence with someone called Julia. ‘Wait do you mean Julia Mikk.’

‘Yes’ she replied.

Then on Day 1 I was sitting at a table listening to Seth Pepper and Derek Cozzens , when I noticed a woman next to me. As they were deep in conversation, I introduced myself to her.

This was the first time I got to meet Julia and her presence and love was powerful. I shared briefly about what I did and her words gave me such comfort and left me excited to experience her work.

In the evening I was not disappointed. I had a life changing experience which led to the creation of Soul Purpose Leaders.

Creating this company, through listening to source, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I sensed that Julia was with me at one point and asked ‘Is this Julia?’

Yes, she replied.

‘We will work together.’

‘I know’, she said.

At the end of Transcendence we sat down and had a conversation which transformed who I was and my business by the next day.

I shared her my vision to expand group consciousness through energy and what it would look like in different realms.

Without hesitation she shared that she would help me expand my capacities beyond my physiology to do just that.

She had me understand the value of my work and I trusted her and tripled the investment based on that trust. Suddenly I attracted people who saw the value and paid that investment, and shared it with others who could and wanted to do the same.

By the time I got to Enrich in Colorado I had done a number of virtual experiences with Julia that had cemented my belief in partnering.

The last had told me I was here to impact a billion lives or more and to use my capabilities with sound to heal thousands at a time.

So I went into Enrich seeking guidance on what that looked like.

Events like these are designed to give you what your soul needs moment by moment, not what you are attached to having.

Day 1

The message that came through was to let go of effort. I was trying so hard to breathe in a rapid way so that my body would reach a state of relaxation and allowance. It was painful. There were visions of people to partner with as per usual but the key message was around effort.

I started to question what would it look like to let go of effort, not just in the breath process but in life.

If we think of this idea in relationship to the Pareto principle, this makes a ton of sense. We are aware statistically that 80% of our results comes from 20% of our effort and yet most of us – myself included – can push ourselves in ways that burn a lot of energy.

If you knew that you could truly produce 80% of your results or more with 20% of effort or less, what would you do differently in life?

Day 2

The only thing that happened was a flashback to drowning in my grandparents pool in Queensland and struggling to breath. Suddenly I was in a space of doubt, was I misguided to think this work was going to be what I wanted to fulfil my billion person mission.

One of the most important ideas in my life is one I learned from Karan Rai. ‘Doubt the doubts, not the commitment.’

So I allowed the doubt to be there and went into day 3 with fresh eyes.

Speaking to Julia reassured me that all was well.

Where in life is doubt getting in your way of your commitment to fulfilling your vision or discovering the purpose that lights you up in a way that has you jump out of bed each day?

Day 3

Everything downloaded. I called Julia in when we called in divine beings. Within minutes I knew she was there. She smelled like the essence of a substance called ‘Red Dragon’ that every time I breathed in expanded me.

I shared this with her, and said ‘I called you in Julia.’

With love she replied, ‘Yes you did my love.’

She shared with me that the program around effort was not mine but had come from ancestral lineage.

All my fears and doubts melted away. She helped me relax more fully and allowed me to follow my instinct with the breath.

What came through me was extraordinary.

  • The message was clear. My instincts were correct, yesterday was a test of my commitment.
  • Messages around Jerome not dying in vain and my being here to guide those in the space to find cures for terminal diseases.
  • People to work with to create a new future of finance.
  • A clear message for the second time that I am supposed to help end generational trauma for African Americans.
  • Who to partner with to create new possibilities in property, education, politics.
  • Being told numerous names of who I am here to guide to their next level of transformation for humanity.
  • Messages around people I had connected with in law but never spoken to about access for justice and ending wrongful incarceration.
  • Messages around a course I was here to deliver next year for up to 100 healers and spiritual leaders to create a new money blueprint.
  • Having my partner show up as my soul mate for the second time.
  • Being told the details and financial containers for another group program in early 2024.
  • Being told Soul Purpose Leaders was to be a 10 million dollar company by the end of 2024 or sooner, and a billion dollar company by 2032.

I could look at all this as pie in the sky or I could do what I do which is lean in and come from:

What if this is the level of impact I am making when I am operating at the level I am capable of?

I have felt I was at 1% of my capacity of what I can offer the world and although I already have extraordinary mentors who I love, it was time to add to my existing team of champions to truly make the inroads needed to serve humanity at it’s highest level.

When I invest in partnering with someone I have typically made that choice well in advance of handing over the money. With Julia this was no exception.

Where are you waiting for everything to be aligned or perfect before you take the action that you already see to take?

Day 4

On the final day of Enrich, I spoke to Emma Frowine in Julia’s team and she invited me to play at the same level of investment that my clients invest with me. In that moment there was no more waiting I was in. Contract signed. Let’s go.

I could not be more excited to be working with Julia. What we are going to create is going to create ripples through humanity.

The impact of this has already been to lean into letting go of effort. In Miami for the client VIP day we did a 3 hour, a 2 hour and a 1 hour session. By the end rather than be exhausted as would have been the norm in the past I was alive and energised.

Making this investment expanded my clients’ respect for me. It has created the possibility so far of an additional 6 figures in partnerships through their referrals.

If you have read this far you are the kind of leader who truly listens for the gold and applies it for yourself.

You are someone whose mission is likely big or has the capacity to do something extraordinary.

Thank you for who you are.

What if you were at 1% of your capacity and that within hours we could start:

  • Moving you towards a future where you discovered your capacity for impact as infinite.
  • Where who you would become is someone whose love for yourself and others was beautiful to behold.
  • Where you called in new levels of financial abundance to activate your next level of purpose and wealth circulation.
  • Where you got to become the leader who leaves a mark on this planet beyond this lifetime.

Would that be valuable to you?

I have the privilege of working with remarkable leaders with global missions. They empower people to be sovereign in their lives. They uplift entire countries. They are the source of creating new kinds of social and political institutions. They help expand consciousness.

Here’s the extraordinary Ursula Lentine sharing about what transpired in a session together:

If this speaks to you I have a special limited time opportunity for you. I am gifting 3 leaders – who are ready to tap into their infinite capacities to create an impact that truly serves humanity – an experience of what my clients honestly pay thousands for.

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