The Power of the Imagination: Awakening to a Mission

As children our capacity to imagine is limitless.

As we get older and more cautious and sceptical that capacity tends to dissipate.

Experiences in our lives sever the safety of the previous pattern of thinking.

Sometimes these cues from the brain are extremely valuable.

We touch a hot stove with our hand and it burns, we pull our hand away. We don’t need repeat experience to realise that we don’t want to experience that again.

So, as a general rule, we stop putting our hand on hot stoves.

Other times the cues we get are just as potent and lead to a redirection in our behaviour.

But in these instances the redirection places a limit on what it is safe to share, who you can be, how you can interact with others.

And so previous free ways of expressing one self get shutdown because the message from the brain is it is not safe to share that or be that.

And this impacts every aspect of who we become in life.

The infinite capacity we have to imagine gets quashed by life experiences.

It can even become ridiculous and absurd to imagine.

This is a huge barrier to what is actually possible in the world.


Consider, not as the truth but as a place to come from, that for something to happen in what we call physical reality it first needs to be thought of in the realm of the imagination.

Each thought we imagine has an energy and a frequency to it. Some thoughts we experience seemingly come from nowhere but they create radical shifts in how we be and what we see possible.

From our imagination we give rise to ideas. Some of these ideas give rise to new actions, inventions and systems. None of which would have been available were we seeking to question their credibility or looking for how they fitted in our existing world view.

When we are not in the space of trying to figure things out but instead experiencing an effortless flow – free from intrusive thoughts clouding our perception and free from somatic imprints that are challenging our brains’s perception of what is safe – something miraculous becomes possible.

These discoveries emerge from seemingly nowhere and yet they are simply part of the beauty of entering what I learned from speaking with Dr. Larry Farwell are part of what he calls the ‘Conscious Unified Field’.

Consider this field of consciousness as being equivalent to being and acting consistent with one’s true nature. Rather than the normal idea that the brain’s primary function is survival what if there were a more inspiring answer. What if the brain’s primary role was to bring us to back to our true nature, the infinite.

Through my discussion with Larry and through reading his book The Science of Creating Miracles I have been able to better understand why leaders produce the miraculous results they do with me. I have also been able to see why my own ability to listen and act from an expanded state of consciousness has led to results and experiences that sit outside the everyday experience of being human. From this place, new creations that can impact humanity give rise.

What I am about to share with you is a story I never thought I would share anywhere let alone on LinkedIn.

Recently I woke up to a shift in my perspective.

A story I will share another day.

What I saw was that the more I lived from it’s not appropriate to share that HERE the more I was helping promote a future where you need to be a different person in different places in order to be accepted.

So I decided to be brave and share my full self everywhere rather than listen to a small child’s version of ‘it’s not safe to share this here’ or an adult’s judgement of ‘it’s not appropriate to share that’.

The more we swallow that lie, the more we find ourselves editing who we are to appease others rather than experience the freedom to be as unique and outlandish as we are truly.

So many leaders I work with are fearful of fully being seen and heard because they are afraid of being judged or they are afraid of sharing what they are creating in case it fails.

They fear being judged, they have a fear of failure, and that curtails the actions they take.

They have bold brilliant ideas and then question whether they are good enough or whether they will work and so play it safe.

They don’t fully trust their own brilliance, and they seek to present the best curated version of themselves which they think others will like.

I have spent the last 6 years stepping out of boxes and breaking moulds. I am not about to step back into a box to fit a mould.

As you read this story, I invite you to ask yourself what would be possible for you if you were free from illusions the mind conjures to seemingly keep you safe.

What limits would be blown apart if you had the freedom to imagine, share and then act on what comes through your own inner wisdom rather than doubt it?

Everything I share here is a marker of projects that have emerged in the fields of law, politics and health that have the capacity to alter these institutions, impact millions upon millions of lives and would never have been possible had I not shared the visions I experienced.


It was August 6th 2022 when I first awakened to who I am and the depth of the mission.

I was in a plant medicine journey and the repeated message was ‘I am here to heal all the bullshit in the world.’

When we receive this kind of messages we have a choice. We can dismiss it as insane or we can surrender to acting from it.

The way I operate is to hear the vision and no matter how bold act from it.

So many miracles have transpired from this way of being.

What I took from my plant medicine journey was that I was a healer.

I had zero idea of what that meant, but I listened for any signs that could allow me to act from this message.

An opportunity came within days to do an energy healing course with Christian Mickelsen.

It was a no brainer and I had signed up within minutes.

The last four days I revisited this program as an alumni. It was a blessing to be able to support people have shifts in their body and mind in less than ten minutes each time.

What was funny about my initial introduction to the power of energy in 2022 is that it was in the moment of discovering I could heal myself that I became a channel that could hold and shift the energy of the 150 people in the room.

Healers kept telling me about all the portals that had been opened up and what was taking place in the world through this activation.

I turned into what I imagine it is like to be a marvel character for real.

The energy flowed all the way down my legs.

It extended a foot beyond my feet.

My hands were shooting out energy fireballs which had a density of a metre.

A voice emerged distinct from my own as Christian worked with me, and I said

‘I saw you in my plant medicine journey. I did some of your business programs and they didn’t really land for me. You are a great healer why don’t you just do that.’

And to my shock, Christian responded ‘I have thought about doing that and I also love the business coaching.’

I thanked him, I told him I loved him and then we whisked into the next breakout room and the energy flowing through me was still going.

The woman I was working with could not get her audio to work. So I worked with her through her body language, using her smile as an indicator of progress, and was guided to say words like ‘your body is strong and flexible’.

The shift she experienced was insane.

In the chat she told me that she had been recovering from a stroke. And the work I had just done with her had healed the remaining 10% from her stroke.

I was in shock and awe. It was the first of many times I would heal someone’s physical pain.

That was less than 2 years ago.

Now I don’t experience shock just certainty that when someone is ready to receive transformation they will have a life changing experience working with me.

They will be activated in ways they never knew were possible.

In some cases people see the person as taller.

I had a client invest 30k to work with me for 3 months because they saw a friend as 6 inches taller and wanted to know what they did.

They then experienced it for themselves, made tens of thousands from that one session with minimal effort and so jumped in.

In other cases they experience themselves as taller.

I had a woman feel like she was 10 foot tall by the end of the session. She is usually 5 feet.

What is consistent is that people’s relationship to receiving and creating money alters immeasurably.

Their fear of receiving money drops away.

They go from worrying about a $1900 investment to go to Alaska to knowing with certainty they want to spend 30k for 3 months of work together.

They go from believing money is elusive to being like I can create 2 million this year no problem.

What also alters is the power and confidence present in their being from that moment.

They will start speaking with insane amounts of confidence and they will take so much action that sometimes they say things like

‘I have experienced more in the last week than I have in a year from that one session.. You are like this blue crystal comet light!

Blazing through distortion with a precision and volume that dissipates lower frequency.’

I am an activator of the visionary leaders of the world who are here to leave a legacy long after they are gone.

The leaders whose work is about lifting the vibration of humanity.

Who lead the way in creating a new paradigm for what is to be human.

Who experience their oneness with the cosmos in the space of an hour.

We can begin to activate the potential within you in a session.

And if there’s alignment and we partner over time you will start having people sharing and asking about what you have done because my word you are showing up differently

you are less reactive

more peaceful

more powerful

more fulfilled

more loving towards yourself and others

more in flow

more energised

more confident

more in action

creating more impact

and financially abundant.

If you are ready to experience this for yourself.

I advise you to book here: Create Your Vision Activation session

This session will give you a window into what is truly possible and how you can combine extraordinary impact with prosperity and freedom.